Useful information for geospatial professionals or developers.

What are OGC Services?

The data in this application is served using open standards endorsed by the Open Geospatial Consortium; in particular, WMS (Web Map Service) is used for accessing maps, WFS (Web Feature Service) is used for accessing vector data, and WCS (Web Coverage Service) is used for accessing raster data. WMC (Web Map Context Documents) is used for sharing maps. You can use these services in your own applications using libraries such as OpenLayers, GeoTools, and OGR (all of which are open-source software and available at zero cost).

Available Web Services

Web Services are available from the following URLs:

Dynamic tiles via WMS: WMS 1.1.1
Vector data via WFS: WFS 1.1.0
Raster data via WCS: WCS 1.1.1
Metadata search via CSW: CSW 2.0.2
Metadata search via OpenSearch: OpenSearch 1.0
Metadata search via OAI-PMH: OAI-PMH 2.0
Open Data: data.json
Cached tiles via WMTS: WMTS 1.0.0